Fabric Roller Shades.
Simple & Elegant by design.

Practical and stylish, fabric roller shades are not only easy to use, but they can also add color, design, texture and privacy to any room or common space in your home.

Easy Spring Ultra Wand Cordless Fabric Roller Shade

Fabric roller shades offer a wide variety of fabric choices to choose from helping accent the style and design of any room. The many fabric choices offer varying levels of privacy and light control options.

The degree to which a particular fabric type will block light can vary greatly between the different types of fabrics. Light filtering fabrics of lighter wieghts and thicknesses are perfect for rooms where you want to add some privacy while keeping the decor light and airy, such as your kitchen, dining or living room.

Room darkening shades of heavier fabrics naturally block more light and are commonly used in rooms where light control is important. Tiger Window Fashions roller shades feature smooth and dependable operating Skyline™ clutch technology, while the cordless versions feature Easy Spring Ultra advanced spring control. With a wide array of colors and operating system configurations, Tiger Window Fashions fabric rollers offer great versatility.

Office featuring Solar Shades



Stamford - Eggshell - YT0013-02-A - Deck 3 - Black Out Fabrics

Fabric Roller Shade Fabric Cards.

These Digital Fabric Style Swatch Cards coincide with the Swatch Decks and Fabric Style Cards available in the Tiger Windows Fashions Sample Kit.


White Dove - YT0013-01-A

Eggshell - YT0013-02-A

Chintz - YT0013-03-A

Fawn - YT0013-04-A

Limestone - YT0013-05-A

Stormy Sky - YT0013-06-A

Bark - YT0013-07-A

Gunmetal Gray - YT0013-08-A

Ebony - YT0013-09-A


Oxford Stone - YT0014-01-A

Charleston Gray - YT0014-02-A

Bleached Lichen - YT0014-03-A

Walnut - YT0014-04-A

Charcoal - YT0014-05-A


Silverado - YT0015-01-A

Mocha Chino - YT0015-02-A

Mink - YT0015-03-A

Mauve - YT0015-04-A


Natural Silk - YT0016-01-A

Steamed Chestnut - YT0016-02-A

Faded Tea - YT0016-03-A

Fallen Leaves - YT0016-04-A

Silver Gray - YT0016-05-A

Jade - YT0016-06-A


Birch - YT0017-01-A

Maple - YT0017-02-A

Driftwood - YT0017-03-A

Red Mahogany - YT0017-04-A

Silver Barn Wood - YT0018-01-A


Spring Green - YT0019-02-A


Putty - YT0020-01-A

Portobello - YT0020-02-A

Sand Bank - YT0020-03-A

Gray Haze - YT0020-04-A


Limestone - YT0021-01-A

Sandstone - YT0021-02-A

Brownstone - YT0021-03-A

Greystone - YT0021-04-A

Stone Henge

Salt & Pepper - YT0022-01-A

Sand Dune - YT0022-02-A

Setting Stone - YT0022-03-A

Silt - YT0022-04-A

Onyx Haze - YT0022-05-A


Navy-Wedgewood - YT0023-01-A

Taupe-Tan - YT0023-02-A

Optical Scales

Grayscale - YT0024-01-A

Bluescale - YT0024-02-A

Cloudy Day

Natural Cloud - YT0025-01-A


Washed Ivory - YT0026-01-A

Washed Gray - YT0026-02-A

Highland Plaid

YT0027-01-A - Ochre

Heather - YT0027-02-A

Misty Blue - YT0027-03-A

Stormy Gray - YT0027-04-A


Marble - YT0001-01-A

Blue Shale - YT0001-02-A

Granite - YT0001-03-A


Bright White - YT0002-01-A

Pale Ivory - YT0002-02-A

Cream - YT0002-03-A

Hay - YT0002-04-A

Blue Steel - YT0002-05-A

Gray Seal - YT0002-06-A

Black Jack - YT0002-07-A


Nutmeg - YT0003-01-A

Birch - YT0003-02-A

Moon Dust - YT0003-03-A

Dusk - YT0003-04-A

Adobe - YT0003-05-A

Pecan - YT0003-06-A

Black Pepper - YT0003-07-A

Gray Haze - YT0003-11-A

Deep Ocean - YT0003-19-A

Federal Blue - YT0003-20-A


Pale Green - YT0003-08-A

Fennel - YT0003-09-A

Green Mist - YT0003-10-A

Lily - YT0003-12-A

Chelsea Red - YT0003-13-A

Lavender - YT0003-14-A

Loganberry - YT0003-15-A

Blue Mist - YT0003-16-A

Iceburg Blue - YT0003-17-A

Regatta Blue - YT0003-18-A


Cottonball - YT0004-01-A

Moonstone - YT0004-02-A

Glacier Gray - YT0004-03-A


Boardwalk - YT0005-01-A

Duckegg - YT0005-02-A


Natural Cotton - YT0006-01-A

Natural Hemp - YT0006-02-A


Arctic Ice Gray - YT0007-01-A

Abbey Stone - YT0007-02-A

Lime Green - YT0007-03-A

Sharkskin - YT0007-04-A


Multi Gray - YT0008-01-A

Multi Tan - YT0008-02-A

Multi Taupe - YT0008-03-A


Inkblot - YT0009-01-A

Morrocan Tile

Stone - YT0010-01-A

Bark - YT0010-02-A


Faded Gray - YT0011-01-A


Willow - YT0012-01-A

City Gray - YT0012-02-A

Mushroom - YT0012-03-A